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Gas Products

Dissolved Acetylene Gas

With its excellent cutting capability and work efficiency,
dissolved acetylene gas contributes greatly to the heavy industry field.

Acetylene is an unstable substance. The technology to dissolve (fill) acetylene in the gas cylinder filled with porous material saturated with solvent has enabled acetylene to be stored and transported safely and stably. The development of this storage technology has dramatically expanded fields in which acetylene is employed as a cutting gas. Dissolved acetylene gas now finds extensive application in the heavy industry field.

  • Welding, cutting, heating, removing glass and copper wire from molds, pharmaceutical synthesis, carbon raw materials

Acetylene gas is generated by allowing calcium carbide to react with water. Impurities and moisture are removed using purifiers and dryers to produce a clean gas. To maintain acetylene gas in a stable condition, it is dissolved in solvent permeating through the porous material within the gas cylinder (dissolved acetylene gas).

Laser gas / Mixed gas

High-purity gas widely used in various fields requiring a high degree of accuracy.

Laser gas, produced from high-purity source gas, is used to enhance the performance of laser oscillators. Mixed gas is produced by mixing various highly purified gases according to the application. Our laser gas and mixed gas, which are produced under strict quality control, are widely used in the state-of-the-art production engineering field.

  • Laser processing, welding, sterilization, biotechnology, food products

Separated Gas

JCSS: Japan Calibration Service System registered manufacturer

  • We provide standard gases in accordance with the standard measurement supply system under our own manufacturing technology and quality control. Our Shiga High Pressure Gas Center is a registered manufacturer based on the Measurement Law Calibration Operator Registration System. We have a wide range of standard gases used in various fields, such as analytical instruments for measuring the concentration of various air pollutants, automobile exhaust gas and flue gas, and calibration of gas detectors.

LP Gas / LNG

By supplying high-quality, eco-friendly gas, we are contributing to both future industry and people’s livelihood.

LP gas is a clean-burning gas with low impact on the environment. Japan is one of the largest LP gas-consuming countries in the world; LP gas is a source of energy for both home and industry. With an eye to further expanding its application into new fields, we are striving to increase productivity to meet new demands.

  • Cutting/heating, various fuels

Agricultural carbon dioxide


Plants perform photosynthesis using water and carbon dioxide. In greenhouses, the levels of carbon dioxide are reduced due to photosynthesis. This is why plants are always in a CO2 deficient condition, which limits their potential growth. Our CO2 enrichment systems measure the environment (temperature, humidity, solar radiation, and CO2 concentration) and control the levels of carbon dioxide in greenhouses. Our systems allow crops to meet their photosynthesis potential.

Gas Cylinders

To maintain high quality gas, we pursue precision and durability.

The development of gas cylinders conducive to improving the shelf life of gas and expanding its use is also our important mission. According to the properties and use conditions of each gas, we offer various types of durable gas cylinders, including lightweight solid mass cylinders developed using our proprietary technologies.

  • Seamless Cylinder
  • A wide range of models are offered based on the use of various gases, employing the Ehrhardt Process (solid billet piercing process) of producing the cylinders.
  • Acetylene Cylinder
  • Originally developed by Koatsu Gas, this lightweight cylinder is filled with porous material inside and is highly reputed for its safety and reliability.

Safety Systems

We make full use of our development power and cutting-edge technologies to ensure the safe use of all gases.

To ensure safe use of gases and high operation efficiency, we develop a variety of safety systems and provide them to various industrial fields.

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